Customer Service Policy

To ensure that our customers receive the best results of their invested deals with us, we have designed this customer service policy. This policy gives you a rough idea of how we plan our proceedings over the long term based on our customer’s expectations and needs. Moreover, to protect your valuable personal information we also strictly comply with the Data Protection Act passed in 1998 while we are working on your assignment. So carefully read them before you decide to go on a profitable journey with us.

What kind of Information is generally needed?

As a Digital Marketing Service company, we need some personal information from our clients in order to surge ahead to make your dreams come true. However, we never sell or share any of your information to other companies as it goes against our rules. Similarly, we ask for personal details like name, email id and other factors which are filled in the contact form of our website. These are needed to access the progress or modify any web designs to help you maintain a good position in the global market.

Furthermore, we also value our customer’s opinions and choices, hence, each and every change is made after proper consideration is done with you. The email id provided by you is solely used to inform you about our recent products and offers, as well as to communicate with you. While registering with us, you must understand that the email id will be treated as the first and foremost authentic communicating channel, hence, one must ensure that they provide us with the correct email id. At some times, we can also ask for your feedbacks through your email id so as to improve our services and serve you better.

Why do we use Cookies?

When you visit our website, you may come up with a pop-up asking for allowing cookies from our website to collect information from your computer. However, there is no need to worry, as we absolutely do not copy or track any of your confidential information such as credit card details, or other personal things. Our cookies are designed to track the pattern of our visitors on the website, checking their online activities and total duration they spend with us. If you accept the cookies intimation, then the above-mentioned data is collected and then used for improving our services. This allows us to ensure that our customers get more satisfactory and personalized services every time they come to our website or decide to bind in a contract with us.

We have also facilitated our customers with an option which can be used to block the cookies if you wish not to accept them. Moreover, it can also be done by changing the ‘Accept’ option to ‘Block/Deny’ option in your browser settings.

What is our Turnaround Time?

Turnaround Time is the time required by our company to hand over the completed contract within the designated time frame. We, as a Digital Marketing Service company, take pride in claiming that we provide the best turnaround time as compared to others in the global market. Here are the options you can get while working with us. Be sure to take a look before choosing our services.

  • Voicemails are retrieved back within one business day while replying to emails, text messages, and other communicative modes can take a duration of 3 days at max.
  • For submission of any required work, a minimum of seven days notice should be given earlier. In some cases, we can also handover the work within a short span of 3 days, however additional emergency fee can be collected for the sudden demand. This emergency fee is treated to meet the sudden increase of workforce from our side, to complete your demands in time.
  • Our invoices are sent within a duration of seven days after the work has been completed. After the invoice is received, a maximum of 3 working days are given for clearing the amount in our favor.

Technical Support (Onsite and Offsite)

We follow some stringent rules and regulations when it comes to providing technical support to our customers. These points are maintained both onsite and offsite to provide you with the best satisfactory services.

  • At no stage, we will be responsible for your content as our only mission is to construct your site in a better way to facilitate it’s reach to a wider audience. Similarly, until and unless we agree to personalized quotations in writing in advance, we can not be held liable for your misfortune.
  • Content should be of professional quality,
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