While accessing this website, you must abide by the various rules and regulations that have been described in this article. The product and content of the website are under the protection of applicable copyright and trademark. Thus, any offense to them will be strictly considered as a violation against the company law. This can also lead to temporary or permanent prohibition from accessing our website depending upon the severity of the case.

Contract Review

After joining our team, the customer is asked to follow a contract with us, which should be agreed to. Any violation of the written clauses of the agreement or any suspicious activities from the customer’s side can result in termination of the contract.

The contract is initially signed between the company and the customer when a business order is placed. The order can be set using Telephone services, Email, Fax, or any other mode of communication as mentioned on the website. After the order is placed, it acts as an authentic contract thereby binding the company and the customer to it where no party will be allowed to modify or delete any part of the contract at any point of time.

Our Marketing Policy

As a Digital Marketing Services company, we acquire clients through proper channels of authentic advertisements. Neither our employees nor we indulge in sharing any information of our customers with or without their consent. We understand the value of confidentiality and trust, and hence, we follow a strict ‘No Information Sharing’ policy.

We, as your responsible and dedicated partner, will help you in achieving the best results in the market. Although we do not divulge any information, we may use your page as an example of our work and experiences. It involves attaching a link to your page so that our potential customers can understand the way we work. That’s it!

What should you Never Attempt

We follow a stringent set of rules and regulations when it comes to preventing any fraudulent activities or attempts to harm our company’s reputation. The list below describes some of the points which are considered a violation and can lead to imprisonment under criminal acts of the Government of Australia.

  • Downloading our content and using to build your website or using any kind of Black hat tricks, or spamming techniques to increase your conversion rates
  • Using our materials for any commercial purposes and public displays
  • Removing or trying to modify any of our copyrighted contents, notations, and materials or transferring to other individuals or companies
  • Hiring another SEO or web designing company to work for you while binding by the contract with us

What will we expect from you?

As a Digital Marketing Services company, here are some of the points where we will want co-operation from our customers. So, be sure to read them before you start working with us.

  • Allowing us to access, edit, and design your web pages when needed to make them more professional and detailed.
  • Enabling authority to submit Webpages when required to maintain the ranking position of your site efficiently.
  • Requesting your insights on our designed Webpage and content before submitting a query within a time assigned by you.
  • To be available on a paid hosting service, rather than a free hosting service or free web space.

Terms and Conditions on Payments

When you book services through our company, you are bound to pay the whole amount as agreed within the agreed time frame until and unless the case is considered unique. Contracts falling under special circumstances have to pay the monthly amount within the first day of the month without fail, along with the interest rate. Moreover, we also accept Credit Cards and PayPal as the authentic modes of amount transfer. In case of cheque submission, the contract will only start after five working days after the cheque has been cleared from the bank.

Loss of Service and Security

In case of any sudden loss of your services or threatened security, our company cannot be held responsible. This includes misuse of data, damage to any equipment, or other circumstances which are out of control of our company; we cannot be held liable. Similarly, neither do we ask for any confidential information, such as Credit card details, personal details, etc. from the customers, nor we spend any spamming emails. Any spams, phishing requests or fake emails which are sent to you using our name, must be reported immediately.

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